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P.A.F.F. - Madafaka lyrics

What up?! My name is... my name is...
My name is WuWunio, I have very important think to tell you
You have to sign me, I'm from Poland, I'm representing big yo
You know what I sayin'
I'm raping very well about b**hes, about streets
About people standing on the streets
About poor people standing on the streets
About poor b**hes standing with poor people on the streets
About money, special about burning money
About partys, about d**, about everything
What is important in hip-hop culture
I know, I'm white' I'm so f**ing white
But my heart is so f**ing black
You have to sign me, I'm rich so sign me b**h
For me the polish phonographic market is too f**ing small
You know what i'm sayin'
I want to be a world star like Eminem or maybe J-zay
I want to sell million albums and f** some b**hes
So what? Do you sign me?

[Zwrotka 1]
You need to trust me I like to hustlin
Ey Yo I'm better than Junstin
Timberlake - I'm not a Fake
Ey yo mothaf**az you want to take? [Huh]
You want a peace of me? Come and diss me!
I will answer because I'm a baunser
Yo n***a you want to play my game?
Remember one sh** - i sniff c**aine
Yo n***a you think you are the best?
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Look at this chain on my chest
I have money but i want more
You are a p**y and f**in whore
Shut ya f**in mouth you are wack
My skin is white but heart is black
You want me? [Huh] Come to my honey!
I will f** ya a** and burn ya money
[Refren] x2
I'm rich - you are a b**h!
I will f** ya hole don't ask me which?
If you don't like it I'll take my Glock
And you gonna die b**h pop! pop! pop!

[Zwrotka 2]
Captain Chain - Strikes Again
Yo motherf**ers you know my name
WuWunio is in da house
And my new album - Ambulans
Listen baby I'm not Slim Shady
You want my cock? Don't say maybe!
Listen b**h come to my bed
If you don't want to i will cut ya head
If you dont belive me come and get some
I'm black like Michael Jackson
I'm burning money you can smell smoke
Im using nose only to sniff coke
I'm the person which you admire
b**h my rhymes are hot like fire
You can hear a thunder when i come
You dont belive me? Ask ya mum!

[Refren] x2 [Tekst i adnotacje na Rap Genius Polska]

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