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P∅17 - The Closer lyrics

"When Mexico sends its people...they're bringing d**, they're bringing crime, they're rapists"

"We should invade their countries, k** their leaders, and convert them to Christianity"

"“I talk to a lot of Democrats about that. They're like, ‘But it's freezing, and then it's hot!' And I'm like, ‘Yeah, it's called weather. That's what happens.'”

"Donald Trump just has always elevated women to the highest echelons."

"Well, but he doesn't hurl personal insults."

"U.S. Constitution is under attack from Fundamentalist Islam and Sharia"

"Obama has consistently sided with the jihad force"

"Why are we letting these terrorists into our country is the question"

"Islam is not peaceful and comfortable religion. Islam is a totalitarian, violent, intolerant religion."

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Time for the world to know what we are, guys....

[Verse 1: PØ17]

Let's get it going guys, time to check your calendar
Today's the day we put on a better show than Rowan Gallagher
We'll burn our foes out by striking a lighter
And burn the gas before you can say "FIRE!!!"
First things first, let's open up the Folder
And take out a leaf from Mo the Closer
'Cause we gonna rip the Foes with a nice hard cutter
And use Supa Hot Fire to melt 'em like butter

Up first, we bring up the dickhead, Mr. Hannity
Dictionary, look him up, he's the picture for insanity
Stay right here, boy, you ain't going out easy
We ain't dropping you out like you did at Adelphi
Got Gingrich on the show, he has his head

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