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P∅17 - Love of my Life lyrics

[Verse 1]

Hateful clouds
And burning shrouds
Going back in time
Nothing to say...
Times have changed
My freedom caged
Tell me when they will
Go away...

[Pre-Hook 1]

We'll make it out, because love is love
Dont look below, just look above
Our love is like a river
I love you, bae, with all my heart
A play of love, I'll play my part
You stole Cupid's quiver

Every moment you're away
My heart beats for you, my bae
So I just paint it red
No starting over
You're face is always shining bright
You're the day to my night
I just paint it red
So even though that
You're not my wife...
You're the love of my life!

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[Verse 2]

Shining soul
You make me whole
Let me tell you something you should know...

He is near
With love, my dear
He's always with you even when you go...


When we die, we'll share a home
He'll cover us like the Green Dome
We're in this together
So hear me out and don't give up
Bathe in warmth from his great love
May it last forever...



I won't go away
Let me brighten your day
I'll never leave you
Because I'll be here, too(x2)

[Hook] x2

Love of my life(x3)

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