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"MP" Williams - Kill All Kings lyrics


Glad you could sit in this is only the beginning
Yea, the part where your flight is lifting off, I'm a bit appalled
In this world of magic, y'all the snakes I took sides with Gryffindor's
I present you bars
I'm nice with the mic it's no need to hype my literature
Hieroglyphic walls/ I read them and tell you stories of how life has since evolved
I'm bout to kill the game nigga and no license is involved
I like to tick em' off
I mean really it's a delight to piss em' off
I can see what your future holds/ cuz the truth was told through that shiny crystal ball
Kendrick want competition is he serious like Syria nigga how can I resist the war
Tried to be noble now I'm turning the biz to Chernobyl / Since all of the hypes ‘bout chemicals
You see what the flow do connect those vocals that some of y'all might not get at all
Beware what you ask for I'm that T-Virus, T-minus three seconds till blast off
I will do you dead wrong/ that can't be good for your health at all
Euro Trip some find something to grab on/ Trip like acid tabs with a little bath salt
At your mass I blast rap music mad loud/ I'm not Catholic but the Vatican can vouch for me when they say that I'm a black God
American Express now that's a black card when I Euro Trip I need no passport
Ahead of my time but I'm still past y'all
It's ironic I'm trying to be Iconic but I see all the cons that these niggas is plotting
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But It ain't gone stop this/ Reelife till embalming fluid flows through my conscious
No I'm not Jewish but you know it is real whenever I'm rhyming
You forgot what time it is then Big Ben gone remind us/ You forgot what time it is then Big Ben gone remind us
I'm in this this for commas/but I consent to the drama
Y'all niggas acting like I ain't been rapping like Nas was/ Back when he dropped that Illmatic
Graduated school of Hard Knocks you ain't in Alma Maters
Homie Reelife is my patnas/ my niggas eating no potluck
You could get shot up/ cuz if I send you them flares won't nobody care but Obama
I sat in that cell couldn't make bail/ that shit was hell
I promised God that if he kept me free and alive then/ this industry I would bomb it
Dog I'm just keeping my promise/ “Oh you got a problem?”
Next it's six feet you reside in/ leaving your physique deep in the climate
So deep the Reaper can't find it/ Biggie the Illest but League is the livest
G-O-D rising / y'all niggas playing them games
How I know cuz I'm reading your linemen
I am a star, yes nigga I am a star take a good look and read the alignment
Deep as Poseidon/ that's why I'm king of these sound waves that your tweeters providing
Been exactly three years since I dropped my last project/ You rap niggas still cannot top it
Euro Trip still the topic
My a.k.a is K.A.K, Kill All Kings topple tyrants I'm whose violent

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