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"MP" Williams - Grandma's Plastic Covered Couch lyrics

[Verse : Euro League]
This time I take you higher than cloud 9
So ride with me as I take this journey through my minds eye
Up to this point I'm a**uming you know my story , but it's two sides to those so I gotta watch how they coin me
Before they say that I'm two faced went Hollywood and act too fake
I take you to my grandmama's house I'm just ghetto truthly
229th between Paulding & Laconia remember having , asthma attacks would catch pneumonia
At my grandmama's house that crack had ran mama out
She dropped me off at your step she chose to step , hit that route
The initiation of crack babies to save me , that vow
That's when I took it , accept the mission without reading files
To be the people's voice influenced by that rock in that valve
I'm just the people's choice even without the rock and that brow
Ain't no place in the world like my grandmama's house
Let me explain so you know where I was raised with no doubt
Soon as you step in , few cats , roaches in every section
Worn out cabinets , kitchen always a mess and
Filled with your family tree it would seem , and the aroma
Is only familiar if the scene is the ghetto you grow up
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My uncle Ollie put hot sauce on all his food
Punching bricks he said that's just what n***as do
So when I heard the news that he was murdered and it was crack related , reminds me why I'm created
Remember aunty Barbara clear as day like yesterday
Life a b**h and she failed you in that test with AIDS
Either from the drug use or the n***a who said he loved you
But Josephine's house always seemed to ease your struggle
That plastic covered couch , how could furniture be so sacred
It holds the stories of those before me that never made it
Drank my father 40 oz when he went to the bathroom
He knew some was missing but we would just sit and act cool
Too intoxicated to spot the matrix that we all slaves in
Steven fell head first from that balcony survived like its Nathan
Reminiscing when my father smashed Teresa's windshield
I seen it from my grandmama's porch , n***a that sh**s real
And birthdays was the worst days , so we sip that st. Ides and let that curse raise
I always made music my grandmother would ask me for my CD
But she RIP'd before my release
And now you call me E League, my songs on radios & TV screens
I told you life is real but do you believe me

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