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"MP" Williams - God Rite lyrics

Verse 1:

It's my turn to prove that I'm great/ by choosing my fate, I will not be abused by dismay
And since I'm a rapper I guess I'll wrap (rap) up this whole game till no rapper can ventilate
Groupie hoes get penetrate/ they wear lingerie
She made sure that French was her lace/ An I'm not T.I
But they'll do anything for the Band man (‘rubber band man') I was just playing the ba**
I was displaying a chase, after this paper / In God We Trust
But the bank run by Satan/ Yeezy thought he need Nia Long dog I'm more Sanaa Lathan
I need a bad redbone for me to ball with/ Shopping sprees we be Spaulding
Copping trees/ cuz I know La (NOLA) , like New Orleans
Mardi Gras/ Get your party on with these bosses
I wonder how outsiders perceive my city/ Is it the mecca of making it in America?
I once was American dreaming/ Til' Uncle Sam got up and pinched me
Told me I've always been gifted/Santa Clause never existed
But really there's Grinch's that's stealing our freedom/just to give it back in disguise of good deeds
You can't see through that act? / them tinted windows you can't see through that Ac (Acura)?
Automatics get squeezed/ then I read through somebody's news feed that you pa**ed
Snakes will be the first to lead you to your grave/ So I suggest that you please cut your gra**
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Could of sworn I head somebody utter: Freedom at Last

Sample from Martin Luther King: ‘I Have a Dream Speech' playing

Verse 2:

It's my turn to prove that I'm great/ and I will not fail my destiny just been delayed
Surrounded by d**h and decay/ Demonic malevolent ways of the powers be
That's why I'm k**ing all kings / and taking their power and tossing it right in the mouth of the streets
My n***as gotta eat, Y'all n***as gotta feast/ You Can't afford to share
We can't afford them shares at Stock Market/ Let alone insurance at the Doc's office
If I get shot I gotta brush that off did it for my dogs in them locked coffins/ already underground
Been the illest n***a in the underground/ Not just lyrical but they love my sound
Told my ex girl, that my next girl, be the reason she feel like a f**ing clown
Knew better then you do better/ damn that p**y tight and she screw better
Bank account got old money/ New cheddar
Get that white girl not stepped on, No Bruce Jenner
Ooo clever, I'm a lyricist painting cla**ic pictures
Like B-I-G in his Coog(ie) sweater, n***a who better?

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