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Moonlight Awakening - Fallen Away lyrics


Desolation can't explain
Yearning for d**h you can't refrain
So bow your head and turn away
And face the night some other day

Endless nights so dark and bright
Shatter your long forgotten sight
So stand beside or face your fears
And turn to god and disappear

A long frustration can't explain
Necessities to love his name
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One hundred years to crucify
One thousand years to satisfy

As you die you'll long to live
And plead with d**h to forgive
Bring you back to where you're from
Let your sentence be undone

In weakness, frozen in your fears
In heaven, dying all these years
In sadness, drowning in your tears
Forever, your cries no one shall hear

Fall, awaiting in the fields afar
Away, deeper into the fields below

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