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Moonlight Awakening - Abandon lyrics

Do you remember a time when we were young?
a special time and a place under the sun
and if we had it again would we make it last?
cause special times in our lives burn away so fast

Do you remember a time when we would laugh?
under the stars and the moon, upon the gra**
and yeah we knew it would end but we had no care
cause we abandoned our fears and we walked on air

Have we lost those times?
have we lost our minds?
cause i wouldn't do it over again
i think we've lost ourselves
and everything that we believed
and we don't care anymore
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just like the way it used to be

Every word upon my lips is cold and burning me
every word i say is burning all i see
and i feel it.
and i feel it all the same.

Just like the time that i can't forget
just like these days that i regret
it's k**ing me all over again, all the time
it's persuading my mind to forget

Do you remember a time when we were young?
do you remember those times when we had fun?
do you remember at all what it meant to cry?
i can't remember it now,
because the memory has died...

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