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Mick Jenkins - To The Melody lyrics

But now love is so much better
And Lord knows if my words don't come together
Just listen to the melody
Cause my love is in there

Just listen to the melody [x3]

A n***a feel like going in
Feel like letting out the bullsh** I've been holding in
Music, school and money, on what should I be focusing
The jeopardy of choosing the wrong door and opening
f** it, take the music for a thousand, Alex
I'm tryna dress it right, I'm talking thousand island
I'm aiming for the pocket, I'm like a thousand linemen
I'm in the barbershop searching for the silver lining
Can someone tell me how much good will really come from this?
Is all that company gonna leave a n***a comfortless?
See Drake be talking bout it, how he let it come to this?
And if it's true then I don't know how he's functioning
But I'm thinking that's the only part you fear about it
Cause you can see my eyes gleaming when I hear about it
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And everybody wanna flow when the boat ride
But it's like they all forget they got a fear of drowning

[Hook x3]

Lord knows they ain't never really had a chance
I'm just a k**er that ain't never really got a plan
I just murder, whatever I do, murder n***a
I could have the white moving quicker than an avalanche
But I've never seen the purpose in moving a pound
When I can get the same paper from moving a noun
They tell me stop it, I'm laughing, they saying stop it
Bad b**hes laugh this is just one big room full of clowns
I'm looking round like maybe I shouldn't be here
f** it I'll just stay and I'll have me a little feast here
And for dessert can somebody bring me a chocolate eclair
Those are one of my favorites, I'm eating until I make it
Lord knows I've been grinding too hard this year
n***as ga**ed like I'm driving two cars in here
And even if they don't feel it, they felt the need to lie
So I'm thinking they thinking I'm going far this year
Trying to eat, f**ing starving artist here

[Hook x3]

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