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Mick Jenkins - Like A Villain lyrics

[Hook: Falcon]
And we ain't never really had to party to get it popping
But we can, and we will
Just called a couple of my closest people ever we don't need everybody
It's the weekend, and we chill

[Verse 1: Mick Jenkins]
Yeah, started calling it the high life
Everybody want it all, I just want the highlights
Laughing with my homies and we blazing to the Chi lights
On the roof staring at the stars and the twilight
Yeah, chilled evenings and cold Fanta
I would take that over vodka and pole dancers
n***as ask why I just give a cold answer
This is life without the flash like an old camera
Cause popping bottles like a fad now
So I pa** on the gla** bring the gra** around
Tell a couple jokes words to the cla** clowns
Blowing hash putting ketchup on my hash brown

[Bridge: Falcon]
I've just been trying to chill all day
I've just been waiting to get a feel all day
Of what it would be like to live this day
As if this day could be my last

[Verse 2: Mick Jenkins]
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I shouldn't be doing this
Kind of apprehensive still
I so f**ing new to this
People say I got a chance
I know there's some truth to it
Cause they are on another level
I'm too high to stoop to it
f** no
I'm tired of the average
Writing down my life now
Gotta do it pa**ionate
Documenting everything
From rolling it to pa**ing it
Until I'm seeing double and I marry Kate and Ashley
Teamwork, now tell me how that dream works
Cause the free is hotter than sleep
In 90 degree weather with no AC a blanket and three shirts
Long sleeve right next to a heater
n***a, letting up means I let them down
If you square I don't never even let them around
Most times it's just me and Hibachi
Climing on the cloud like we never even felt the ground
So say wa**up, give a pound
Everybody think we're so much cooler than we are
Stare's all we get when we come around
So we gone
Cold motherf**ing chilling with the stars

[Hook: Falcon]

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