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Mick Jenkins - Grenade Theory lyrics

The streets of Chicago
They are waging war on the streets of Chicago

[Intro 2: TheMind]
Body on the corner
Mental like Warren Buffet
Gotta think about something before I lose it
Cause his hands on the queen
She call a nigga king cause she know it's coming
My flesh is tainted cause world painted
My nigga say this just the world, ain't it?
It's all about to blow
(Said "we about to blow")

[Verse 1: Mick Jenkins]
We be, raw with it from the veggies to the truth
To utensils for botanical pursuits, we off the herbal essence
Head and shoulders let you know I learned some lessons
'Bout the flakes, and the snakes, and the people that just cannot pump the brakes
Ye told me "drive slow"
I'm from Chicago
I'm innately expectin' a couple potholes
This common practice
It's common sense to lack of access's and common accents
We want the progress but subtract the practice
We loathe the process and we lack the passion
That's just the world, ain't it?
You love it, but it kill you
That's like a bag of Crunchy Kurls, ain't it?
Arguing with your girl when ya'll can't agree how the world's painted
Car maintenance, there's been a flood in the attic
It's made it's way from the basement
I waded way too deep in it
I think it filled all the spaces that was empty, in me
Seeing is so simply, blesses come in plenty
Do it all for less than pennies, I will

[Hook: TheMIND]
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(We about to blow)
200 miles an hour
I ride this bitch until the wheels fall off
They using fear as power
I'm not afraid, she told me "Come a little closer"
Everybody get's scared sometimes
She's leaning to the left right now
I'm starting to regret right now
Now, now
Movin' this fast, but even if I crash
I was drivin' this bitch
At least I was just drivin' this bitch
At least "I" drivin' this bitch crazy
Drivin' this bitch crazy
(We about to blow)

[Verse 2: Mick Jenkins]
Why so many do it for the gold?
Why so many fold like a crease
Why my niggas do it for the hoes?
Why my niggas die in the streets?
Some say that's the way it goes
I can't go for that kind of defeat
I move accordingly
Put it on my soul like a burden
Shit feel like a boulder
Say they want some more of me
I'm in that
Just touched down back in town
Where you been at?
Granny know I'm rapping say my life is full of sinnin'
Like hers ain't, like yours ain't
Got an understanding of the word in the worst way
Why I can't play around with the wordplay?
All up in their minds they been waitin' around third base, in that
Say you ready for a revolution, where you been at?
Thought that you was mobbin'
Where your niggas, where your men at?
Sound like you been lyin' for a minute, nigga
We about to blow
Nigga, we about to blow
Just to let you know, it was always 'bout the growth
Nigga, we about to blow

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