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Mick Jenkins - Walk Different lyrics

{Intro – Michael Jordan}
He said I conned the players, I befriended them
And then I attacked them on the basketball court
Where did that come from
I just so happen to be a friendly guy
I get along with everybody, but at the same time
When the light comes on I'm just as competitive as anybody you know

{Verse – Mick Jenkins}
Pigeon holed
Not me, walk different like I'm pigeon-toed
Smooth footed, bow-legged long as ni-as know
We not the same, give a f** bout what you did before
You get the real me, twist your fingers if you figured you'd deal me
Don't show no ceilings, I don't need them either
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I got the plumbing, you won't see Luigi
Keep a squeegee I can see me clearer
When I'm looking through a window than I can in a mirror
Putting the fear of god in a pen
Can bring green thumbs deep in the garden
I'm watching for snakes, I'm watching for Jakes
Head in the clouds, my eyes were watching God
And all these ni-as say I'm walking odd
Time travel when I slow creep out the parking lot
Murdered out
Trust me I ain't nobody you heard about
You ni-as best believe I like to keep it that way
I know the fear spread quick and ni-as she-bi-ch that way
I'm peeping that daily, its crazy, its driving me crazy
I'm saying

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