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Mick Jenkins - Go Time lyrics

[Intro] Work? f** you wanna be on the streets talkin' about what you do for, and you ain't doin' it. f** you wanna be in the club lookin' like you do somethin' for, and you ain't really do it. f** you wanna stand next to a n***a like me that really do it, and you don't do it
The f** from about me man. Feel me? I think Imma have a beautiful b**h next to me. A n***a all over my f**in' sh**, what you talkin' about, n***a? Man, get the f** off me man. Write a rap man, or spit a si- go eat or so- go make a beat or somethin'. You n***as lookin' hungry, eat you some…
[Verse] Hella underrated these days, that sh** the worst
Makes me think back to that Hov line
The meek shall inherit the earth
What, You was thinkin' Mr. Carter? nah
I been singin' like his daughter name
I heard him talk about the automon
f** the watches, I'm just talkin' timing
f** the tacful, I ain't talkin' timid
Servin' love, we been talkin' tennis
I ain't even gotta talk advantage
What's the budget? Now I'm talkin' spanish
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f** a n***a tryna talk opinions, I like to deal with the factual
I like to deal with the actual
I hear the words, but I like to focus on actions
Only the real in my faction
Flushed out the fakes, now we fractions of that
You know, f** it, it happens
Rolled up the gas and walked out the crib like f** it, fashion
This ain't nothin' but some trees from last year
Hit the scheme on my VC n***as
On the same schemes from last year
And I'm light years past you
[Outro] “Seen you bro him up in black saab, the gold bbs, man
I said, this n***a, this n***a's really makin this money and his really makin money, man, You understand?”
“Ay, it ain't just about the money. It's not. You know what it's about?”

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