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Mick Jenkins - Free Nation Rebel Soldier Pt. 2 lyrics

I was born in Huntsville, Alabama
At 9 years old i moved to the south side of Chicago illinois and ive been there ever since
And i can still feel that southern charm though

[Verse 1]
I promise you the waters is coming
Saying it everyday got me feeling like Noah
They say I'll blow up
My aunts and uncles see me rapping
They say I'll grow up
Some stop and stare like how he still a vegetarian wit all this good meat that he throw up?
Trust ima Show up when it's show time
Running threw the field like dion sannders wit four primes
We need mo primes
Where the f** is megatron when you fighting lions?
Tellem whatever they selling n***a I ain't buying!
The world been coming to an end and I ain't need no Mayan calendar to feel that
Got the people rooting for the waters like Phil back wit a younger Kobe
Young shin obi

n***a moving through the shadows of the city got no hittaz but the youngins know me
Took some good advice from a couple og's
Shared the knowledge wit my homies we ain't talking for the hell of it
It was always bout the growth and development
Never to big
Elephant in the room how could you not notice?!
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Can't you smell when I'm cooking this rock?!
Dwayne Johnson with the raw
Stuff the cash in my sock!
Ain't tryna live life to BIG it might stop
Stay Ready to die am I PAC?!
Holograms of the southside
I be blessed just to make it back to my spot!
Steppin over squares like hopscotch I'm top notch
Got hands like doc OC
It's a wonder that he dont write more
More fire for the water to be boiled get impurities out
Make sure he sure what he bout
Betta know what yo security bout
I'm here to cure any doubt that you may have had bout the kid in the leather boots
Bottle water and a ginger root hella vegetables
Tommy bag full of Cole/coal and you know what pressure do
A flawed diamond still impeccable
A flawed diamond still impeccable
Why is it so hard to grasp that concept
Why the simple sh** on the cover of complex?

n***a look around!
Can't elevate If you keep looking down
Don't let the pennies ever make you proud
Keep it Blunt wit how he break it down
Bring it to you naked how can you hate on that
Ring the alarm everybody slept late on that
Next best out the chi and I ain't really leaving room for debate on that

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