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Memphis Slim - Big Legged Woman lyrics

Big legged woman
Keep your dresses down
You've got something baby
That'll make a fool dog a hound

Big legged mama
Keep your dresses down
I swear honey
You got somethin' up under there
Mmmmmmm, that makes me wanna
Lay it down a ha ha ha

Little break now
She rolls in her bedding
Like she rolls her biscuit dough
She lay down so easy
Till she got to have some more

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Oh big legged mama
Ooooh, keep your dresses down
Don't stop me now mama
You've got somethin' baby
Mmm, make a fool dog a hound

Well, yeah

Oooh, look who's callin', lookit here

Well, let me tell ya tell ya tell ya somethin'
What I'm talking' about
I bet my bottom dollar
There ain't a cherry in this house

Oh, big legged mama
Keep your dresses down
Mmm, if'n I don't stop drillin on ya baby
You're gonna lose your nightgown
It's a hit!

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