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Meek Mill - Middle of the Summer lyrics

Take em back to the plat, Meek!

[Hook: Meek Mill]
Middle of the summer
Middle of the summer
In the middle of the summer
I used to play the block all night til the sun came up
Everybody got they gun game up
In the middle of the summer
Middle of the summer
Middle of the summer

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Stack all winter just to stunt in the summer
Ridin in my new Camaro, sometimes I wonder
Will it take me under or will it make me stronger
Thinking the times when I was broke it only gave me hunger
Shorty walking through the block it only made me want her
My homies were selling dope, and doing Jay Z numbers
The n***a Moochie's wrist was cold and throwin' AC Numbers
They only was from the zone, used to say we youngins
But we was ready though
Around the time when all the Roc was on the radio
Me and my n***as on the block with hammers heavy though
I used to put it in my hand ain't wanna let it go
Ain't wanna let it go, no
The work was low the numbers was right
Used to play the summer league a couple youngins was nice
They ain't make it to the league cause it'll f** up your life
In the middle of the summer when you f**ing with white


[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
Charlie Mack marching through screamin' stop the violence
He had Will Smith with him tried to stop the wildin'
But as soon as they left the hood, man shots was fired
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Ambulances was rushin' somebody mama cryin'
They say the good don't make it here
Ain't no fightin' hammertime and they gon' take it there
Narcs rushin', cops lock you like Jamaican hair
Young bull, sixteen, and got eighty years
Middle of the summer, people cooking out, old heads lookin' out
Rest in peace, T's for the soldiers that got tooken' out
I was in the streets, momma told me to be in the house
Ten o'clock I was on the block, moving in and out
City of brotherly love
I was only thirteen, I seen a puddle of blood
Grown man lying there, he got one in his mug
His grandma screaming, 'told you about selling them d**!


[Verse 3: Mel Love]
It was the middle of the summer
But it was feeling like the winter
July was feeling like December
We ball hard to the finish (uh)
They say I'm cold cause I'm a winner
We had a quarter brickies, half of birdies
Stash box ride super dirty
Tryna get that money
Ziplocks, nose candy
Back to back in them black caddies
And we said this is our summer, and we taking it there
I'm all up in this mirror, like look at this audamir
Standing in my rear while starin at this painted mirror
Still tryna get it square
Super fly how we live
Aw knocked out lights comin, Narced out mean a bike's comin'
Smellin two stroke
These philly streets will make you lose hope
Her son was murdered now she use coke
It was the


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