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Mixing garage rock sneer and Brit-pop sa** -- along with a truckload of other influences -- Borlange, Sweden's Mando Diao began when its members were all still in their teens. The band's germination dates back to 1995, when singer/songwriter/keyboardist Daniel Haglund and singer/songwriter/guitarist Bjorn Dixgard were in a band called Butler. Even after that group broke up, the pair continued playing and writing together, eventually bringing ba**ist Fredrik Nilsson, guitarist Gustaf Noren, and drummer Anton Grahnstrom into their fold; Nilsson and Grahnstrom were replaced by Carl Johan Fogelklou and Samuel Giers. By 1999, they were known as Mando Diao. The group continued to hone their sound, blending pop, mod, soul, R&B, and Brit-pop elements into a style that was quirky yet timeless. In 2002 they released their first E.P., Motown Blood, through the Majesty and Capitol imprints; the acclaim for the E.P., and the similarities in their sound to the Strokes and the Hives, raised Mando Diao's profile considerably, and the band went on tours of Sweden with the Hellacopters and Kent. Later that year the band released the singles Mr. Moon and The Band, both of which stoked anticipation for their full-length debut album, Bring 'Em In, most of which was recorded in their basement practice space. The following year, Mute released Bring 'Em In in the United States. ~ Heather Phares, All Music Guide

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