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Mabongi - Darck or Blue lyrics

Feat : DJ Pastor REE & BlackQat & Tashia

BlackQat (verse)
Darck or Blue gonna make it through
Jesus died on the cross for me
Only God can make you good
Glory goes up but the blessings down
Angeles on my back ain't losing now
Don't shoot gun down and reconcile
People die like snashed by the crocodile
Same trip same car through the 8 MILE
More pain more cry in my people now
Same thing now and then no change how
Back then had a nice life
Spitting bars now and then like a sharp knife
In a church praying God for a good wife
Never sleep hitting stages for a good cash
Good music don't die only trash do
Even if I'm color blind but the sky is blue
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I live i die Jesus my idol
Living as demon but I'm blessed like an Angel
All my enemies only bow in my presence
Empty heart all i needed was a present
Going slowly but the camel
Looking good only pain in my chest
Never quit going hard I'm the Best
I'm the vert in this game not the rest
Ain't smoking but I'm high like a rocket
More plans in the game Mr gudget
No stories but I'm there as J Cole
But soon I'll blow get the pay roll
3 years in this game same pace
Dj REE, BlackQat same lane
Qat is a winner
REE is a winner
Mabongi drop the vocals they will repent

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