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London After Midnight formed in 1990 by songwriter and instrumentalist Sean Brennan. Brennan gained a quick foothold in the LA club scene with a well-received demo, and in 1992 issued his full-length debut, Selected Scenes from the End of the World. LAM courted an international fan base with shows in Europe and Mexico, and in 1996 Selected Scenes was licensed by the German imprint Apocalyptic Vision/Trisol. The band became quite successful in Europe. They were featured on magazine covers and secured a co-headlining spot at the 1998 Zillo summer concert with the Cure, with nearly 25,000 fans in attendance. That same year, London After Midnight issued Psycho Magnet. Though often described as gothic rock, London After Midnight disliked nametags and preferred not to cla**ify their sound, which drew from a wide variety of industrial, pop, rock, and gothic textures. ~ Michael Sutton, All Music Guide

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