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!llmind - Before 16 lyrics


In the Studio kickin' it with Bads
'Bout to cook it up in the Lab
Sick flows, Sick Verse
Automatic Firearms Disperse
Body in a Black Hearse
Hate to say that's how it goes in my streets
Same ways i can body the beat
I'm Ali with it, stunt with my right then i left hook it
Eyes in both pies now my eyes crooked ..Uhn
I Speak that Mula Mula Language
In my veins got that THC
Flows sting like TCP
Melodies give me TLC
Embedded in the Music
I can show u the worst when my Soul Sails
Lonely nights in a Cold Cell
And that was Way Before ...

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Way Before 16 .. Before 16
Sounds like something out that TMC
My Bro's stick with me from the in
'n' now we throwing up W's, Came to be winning
Can't change my path , J.B.T.R
Justifying Black Thoughts, Renounce or Bounce
I keep my songs on loud
Kinda like my bros when they hitting up the...
And i say it how i feel when i think about the...
My head won't stop thinking Cream
My beds tired of all these American Dreams
I'm a fiend for it
Good verse nice Bridge and a mean Chorus
Won't catch my lane if you're coming for it
So i, Keep k**ing It, Deep Billing It
Even girlies saying Jay we be Feeling it
Sounds like something out that TMC
Everybody sing along if you're feeling me

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