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!llmind - Ah Man lyrics

[Verse: Fabolous]
Yo dog been gettin' money, DMX like
Been in these streets since BMX bikes
I just do it, in a pair of 3M check Nikes
Why not? That's why I'm tryna see them checks like
I'm who you dream of bein' fresh like
Put holes through your fly sh**, leave em distressed like
We'll be rich forever, we invest right
You know he's doin' more if you see him less, right?
Still remember BMF nights
Remember that night? Your BM left, right
Oh my mama she was in my DM left, right
Thick a** thighs, I was in between them next night
Ah man, you see him stressed right?
You didn't think I would be impressed right?
b**h a** n***as get PMS right?
Now you bleedin', screamin' for the EMS like
Ah man, ah man
Ah man, ah man
Ah man, ah man
Ah man, ah man

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[Skit: woman, Fabolous, man & other man]
Yo, where you goin'?
I'm out to bust a move real quick
I think I gotta, umm, shoot up town, and shoot to the Bronx and meet two of my young boys up there, and umm, have to come back down to Brooklyn, so, then after that I just hit you and see where you at with it, youknahmean?
You sound like you doin' a lot, you sure you don't want me to roll with you?
Nah, I'm good, like, these is like my n***as, these n***as like family, so like it's gonna be real smooth, real smooth like in and out, youknowwhatI'msayin'? And I'ma just shoot back
Alright, well, be safe
A'ight, I'm good

Yo, what's good bro?
Yeahyeah, I'm on my way up there now
A'ight, right now
Yeah man, just be ready for me though, like you know, I'm tryna keep it pushin'
Anything goin' down?
Facts - a'ight boy, I see you in a minute
A'ight, one

Yo boy on his way right boy, fix up
A'ight bet

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