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!llmind - Adio In The Lions Den lyrics

(Adio In The Lions Den)
Lets knuckle i leave you with a crimson chin lets get it
I leave it drippin on her chin she gigglin while she dribblin
Giggidy nigga my niggas got that gripskiddly in case niggas wanna get silly my nigga
Im really with the shits bitch
Raws in the cut heal my cuts like a band-aid
Draws in her butt She a slut i dont slut shame
Crossin a God bring the sun to your front porch
Mix and master game solid niggas think i chill with scott storch
Gettin women for a couple wednesdays like its rent a center
Kill a nigga if he sinnin sendin subliminals send em videos who's this nigga Arsenio?
Arsenal ridiculous in the middle of a den
Whats for dinner lookin for a lioness gimmie kiss
I pipe her till she hypersensative and biting pillows why you blushing
The skys the limit i got rocket power in my lungs
I got plastic dolls up in the party came with the pump
In case the girls actin like they dont dance
I got these girls to do whatever we sayin
Yall won't get it lit huh nigga what are you sayin
He not talkin ends
We no comprehend him
We ain't playin PS4
Im possessed cause some of my niggas piss poor
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Possesed with the potential i chef pf changs
O-f-f Gang And Wavy can make it rain
I rain on the shore
Bring pain to the shure
Knew what i was gonna do when i came through the door
Insane Asylum is where im bookin my next show
Yall can come through if you want bring your own dro aye
I need my money longer than a sabertooth tooth bitch
Light saber on me bet these niggas do shit
I really came to bring ratchetness like you thought at first
Kanye West was almost an activist in a polo shirt
And i plan on running after niggas solo careers
And killin all of these niggas fore they go far from here
If we judge from skill i wanna see kendrick kinetic with my hit regiment
They regular i recommened they rest they nerves and let me handle this
Im goin towards the light like i was following a religion
I dont follow nobody unless with that scope A1 precision bow
Fuck with a real nigga should be a day one desicion
Now you gotta say somethin to make em remember this
I dont nobdy help
Nobody else can replace me
Theres nobody to save you

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