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!llmind - 519 Freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1: H Da Kid]
Now what you know about a young black man
Who try to make it out this land
Cause my city ain't popping
And babies having babies ain't f**ing stopping, any moment
You had your dreams and you let it drop
And now you depend on the city to give you guap
Cause you couldn't make it solo to the f**ing top
Instead you screamed out YOLO
And that's when your dreams stopped
And all you lost in this world was your baby mama
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14 years old and you already got mad drama
Damn, how can that be?
Society is so f**ed up I hope it don't affect me
Cause I'm trying to make it out and do my city proud
Seen a lot of friends that fell for the drug crowd
And now we don't even speak
I'm still tying to go out and shine like that n***a Meek
Every f**ing week
Chasing my dreams, trying to make a scene, my past is dirty, but my future looking f**ing clean

And that's the truth, lets pray for the youth, having babies when we should having dreams to the roof[x2]

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