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Kendrick Lamar - Track 12 lyrics

[Hook x2]
Everybody wanna play that tough guy
'Til them things come out and them shots fly
Say your last words homie and it's bye bye
You shouldn't have been playin' with me

[Verse 1]
I ain't no k**er but don't push me
Them very words said can resurrect Pac straight from the dead
And it takes a young n***a like me to push the limit
No gimmick, this is real homie
I wake out of my sleep, sweat drippin' off my face and cheek
I swear to God, d**h callin' for me
That's why I carry a heat, roamin' these streets 'til they come and get me
Cause ninety percent of them are comin' with me
C4 your car doors and watch your sh** blow in a jiffy
Quick, boom, explode when I empty
I'm on the edge so please don't tempt me to jump
I walk around with a pump, just to scatter you punk's heads
Then go and get some head by that woman you want
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She does what I says, I says what I does
Crazy back then, yeah that's what I was
But now I'm psycho, mental n***a, holdin' a grudge
I put a hole in your mug, and let the blood leak out
Until it fill up a tub, then put your son in it
This is no image, this is ether
Cocaine, reefer, alcohol mixed with it
They tried to label your boy as a menace
Put me in some records, along with Guinness
I just started, I ain't finished
Chest to your head, until all you motherf**ers diminish

[Bridge x2]
I hope y'all ready to ride
Cause it's do or die
If not, stay inside
I hope you ready
If not, be quiet
Cause when shots fly
Somebody will cry
I hope you ready

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