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Kendrick Lamar - Track 10 lyrics

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Once again it's on
I'm the youngest in charge, I am not playin'
I fear no man else than God
Scatter your features, give you a face collage
Not one, but two, I face menage
No hands involved, mommy would rather give a mouth ma**age
General, you can call me the sargeant
$7.45, five percent tip
I know I'm the sh**, please hold the applaud
I spent summers writin' rhymes, winters freestylin'
Daydreamin' Gilligan thoughts on an island
I didn't develop, I was born with this talent
Brain swell up, whenever you come to me you were the challenge
I need a way to balance street sh** from the rap sh**
Stay on my toes, feet grounded to the souls of the dead
But still bulletholes surrounded the arc in my feet to the crown on my head
Preach, listen how I pledge
I've been gettin' this money since you dummies were peein' in bed
To poppin' wheelies on handlebars and pegs
To poppin' Big Willy at the bar with bread
Pause, it's real talk, I know you gotta crawl before you walk
sh**, I decided to jog
I'm ten brains better than y'all
Propane make emergency calls, whenever them boys speak
I fold n***as up, make both of the ends meet
You 'bout to fitness a lyrical fitness
This is what it'd sound like if God spoke over beats
I cash in my rap friends
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Peep the way I deliver, make you wanna tell your peeps
I consider that they learn from me
This is volcano hot, f** a third degree
Burn, You gotta be K-D-O-T

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
Once again it's on, I am through with n***as
Twin Glocks, it'll shoot n***as
Put you next to a plant, under a root n***a
Hands folded together up in a suit n***a
This what we do n***a, run your mouth, we remote control mute n***as
Matter of fact, I recruit n***as

[Verse 3: Bill Thrill]
Bill Thrill straight spook n***as
Sixteens that'll ruin n***as
You mad cause I'm gettin' figures
I'm the bigger picture, you losin' dough and mine's gettin' thicker
I got somethin' that'll sting yah I call it the pinch hitter
Gather your mans so they can die with yah
Bill and K-Dot, now y'all dealin' with the best (right)
Side by side, yeah we somethin' like breasts
Flow game k**in', I spit bars of d**h
Now they yellin' could it get any worse
[?] definition of Hell on Earth
Keep somethin' on the side, yeah you know that work
One false move, it'll make your whole body jerk
Think before you cross this turf
You'll get turned into ashes, or even laid in the dirt

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