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Kendrick Lamar - Put That On Something lyrics

[Verse 1]
Now listen my friends, not to offend
But this is a story told over again
So many n***as tryin' to f** with the king
But the only problem is they can't win
I gets down my younging
Please turn it up just to sound my younging
I burned it up that's your town my younging
Either the cake or the trait bound my younging
This the brand new trunk
Rattling, B tackling
Big truck paddling
Dime piece beauty peagant-ing
Pick em up then they (uh) saddling
They bus travelling
K Dot that boy got the crazy flow
Made [?] then 1964
With my brim kind of tilted low
So fresh oh yes it's me suppose

[Hook: ?]
I got a house on the hill
Put that on somethin'
Put that on somethin' man
Put that on somethin'
26 inch rims
Put that on somethin'
Put that on somethin' man
Put that on somethin'
I got a pocket full of bills
Put that on somethin'
Put that on somethin' man
Put that on somethin'
I put that on everything I love
Too bad, too fly, too much
And that's on me

[Verse 2]
I move quick enough for your eyes won't see
That boy hussled up, everything for cheap
These chickens tryin to plot on a boy
So a n***a gotta move kinda low
(Low what?) low key
I put 26 inch rims on the ride
Big truck fit five chicks at a time
Stones big enough you can go rock climb
Put that on somethin'
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Nah man I was lying
But tell me what you know about it (know about it)
Fat camp I can't go without it (go without it)
This ain't hot, I truly doubt it
Mapped out the whole game so reroute it
‘Cause look here boo you f**ing with a champion
K Dot the don, moving the blocks you on
Taking a spot of shawn, I'm on top you're on
Industry remember me, cause I so crazy


[Verse 3]
My mama, my daddy, my gram's grand papi
This ain't rappin' n***a, this is a cla**ic
This hard work n***a it just didn't happen
.44 magnum put a n***a in his casket
K Dot drastic n***a I am a savage
So quick to let a motherf**er have it
All the girlies like, he so crazy
I wish daddy could have my baby
I get with ‘em they like, he so shady
They cry I got it like, he won't pay me
Not a god damn dime mommy
The dividends that's raked in, that's mine mommy
You wanna leave then go ahead, it's fine mommy
K Dot a magnet, to fine mommys
Plus I ain't hard to find mommy
Studio, yeah we stays on the grind mommy


Aye check this out
I just copped me that new H1 and H2 and A3
That A3 that new [?]
That motherf**er sick right there
I stay in the hills
The hollywood hills next to omarion
I got 26 inch wheels
I got a pool, inside of a pool, inside of a jacuzzi
And I ain't lying
Man, I'm not lying
My sister got a jacuzzi in her bed, in her pool
That's how we living
That's on me
That's everything I love

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