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Kendrick Lamar - Prototype lyrics

[Hook: Kendrick Lamar]
They say that I'm the one
And you, you are the prototype
You might have the ears of sound
But you already know who they like
You n***as need hugs for real
Somebody to hold you real tight
You n***as need hugs for real
Somebody tell 'em he's the prototype

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
I am the truth, no lie about it
Bring my testimony when I walk in their booth
Walking the thin line between love and hate, I defend mines
Join them when it comes to their crunch time, I never fold
I love pressure, that's why I apply so much on n***as thinking they're better
I am a clutch shooter, I am a sharp shooter
And it's great enough to hear the butterfly moving
Follow me moving through these ghetto streets and school I say f** retarded sweep
Walk into school the chief right there and talk at me
In the midst of Piru and natty Blood beef
Shall we hesitate or walk down [?]
That 10-grade summer we had d**h right in front of us
Then leave the house without kissing our mamas
The new Jordans came out, but we didn't get them
Cuz the color haunt them to get too much attention
Damn it I liked it thoughs
Pac was talking 'bout the concrete rose
I never seen one till I looked in the mirror
There go, hehe, that's the flow right there
You should use it, that's what my conscience said then I hopefully abused it, huh
I am the lyrics and the music, y'all rapping note for the beat
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I let the instrumental listen to me
I listen to heat, my ears can hear fire
I [?] [?] the flame like barbed wire breaking up concrete
And I ain't thinking 'bout no rap beef
n***as is getting k**ed throughout the week, that's every day
Catch them bullets like an empire
We tried to stay home but still ain't safe
That's baseball tactics, retaliation back and forth like tennis rackets, we used to it
Who can circle 'round the block the fasters
If you can do it, think you know why it becomes a practice
We worked it out like barely total
Cuz sh** happens


[Verse 2: Punch]
I ain't even rap but let them young boys get ya
Paint a perfect picture like I'm rhyming only scripture
I'm nice, ice water veins, it's pure no filter
Who you get your style from, the same real familiar like I heard it before
But reincarnation is a blind man spirit
So I ain't going for it, na uh
I ain't having it, you getting to board it
Like an unfair mother, my child you gon suffer
To you acknowledge to whom gave you life to knowledge in Zion learning and taking deuce through college
The prototype for the flows you like
I'm surgical Ronald Mike, I cut you up something nice
Get out the pocket, I'm sending them skyrockets right through your minds
Optic popping out your eye sockets, uh
Excites a riot every time I'm rhyming
In accordance with the snare I got impeccable time, Junior


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