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Kendrick Lamar - Blame God lyrics

[Intro: Kendrick Lamar]
Been ready
Jay, I been ready
HOV, I been ready
They say patience

[Verse 1: Kendrick]
Everybody wanna know why my game plan so strong
Cuz' I ain't gotta think with a light bulb on
n***a I eat, sleep, and sh** rap; I never relax, been a busybody since I was born
"Is he really f**ing with Sean?"
I reply, "His pick, I would take a tool on."
Dolce brown n***a, I'm right now, you ain't gotta wait later
Where the CD at? Put it in the disc player
Tell ho ride to it, I do it like none other
Came back definition of a "young motherf**er" with a problem
"Future of the West Coast" I am
And that's real tough
Southern California, Angels, AKA LA's Chucks
Make comparisons when I seen him duck
Man you think "What was to Pac and Big, before?"
And that was before
I picked up a pen, and when I did, my thumb and my index sore
And then I started writing with it
Found that it flows better, like a Venice Beach sea shore
He don't wear the same clothes as ya'll
He is cut from a different cloth
Ya boy is cool, but I'm a different frost
Like igloo, every time I come off
Every time I take off
Pandemonium when I take off
They hanging on the wing of that G4
30,000 feet and still won't fall
Why you do that for?
Why you had to sell out that store
You made my record sales come up short
My reply is that it ain't my fault
Blame God

[Hook 1: Kendrick]
I can't wait when its my time (I'm coming)
No I take that back, cuz' I got time (I'm coming)
I know that patience is virtue
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But that being said, you can't time beef, or I'll hurt you
No lie (No lie)

I can't wait when its my time (My time)
No I take that back, cuz' I got time (Got Time)
I know that patience is virtue
But that being said, you can't time beef, or I'll hurt you
No lie (No lie)

[Verse 2: Kendrick]
When the lights get dark
And every body quiet, know its my part
I might start a riot
The main event
Bulletproof under that black tent, you can't shoot through sh**
I never played the bench
Star Point Guard
Never pa** up money, I'm a ball hog
Touch anything I get my hands on, into pushin' like Ray Charles
I never had no flaws
"Ooos" and "Ahhs" after every bar
Take your b**h, then give her back
For no reason for, just because, ya'll actin hard
I'm bein myself
And I got some plastic under my belt, so rest a**ured
You don't want your moms thinkin' bout pullin' that hospital cord
Went from a Honda Accord, to a Bentley Azure
Back seat got a flock of broads
And I ain't gotta say to kiss it, just like "Sure"
Momma gon' clean or fix it
Use Terrific, Easter Brum????????
All it need is a little season on
Who said a veteran can't be so young?
I sound better than half ya'll on
Damn K. Dot, let me see your arm
I ain't gotta do a show, my j**els perform
I ain't gotta do a show, my j**els perform
Princess cut looks stupid dumb
Eyes close shut, all I see is dollar signs
And I won't get enough till I'm layed in the grave or hand cuffed up bout one time
No Lie
Blame God


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