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Kendrick Lamar - Dumb It Down lyrics

Ali, mix it...
Ha ha ha, Lady G, Whaddup?
Ha ha ha, Bad Love, Whaddup?
Ha ha ha, ha...

[Verse 1]
I spaz out 'til I pa** out
There's clarity in my vulgarity for a sa**-mouth
Your parody's not funny
Apparently you ain't nothing but industry crash dummies
As long as the lord love me, I'm good
I could: be the best rapper but I'd rather be the answer that capture the violence that coincides in my hood
I should: stick a fork in this music business
But I'm too deep in it like p**y on my penis
Devil's kitchen in Phoenix; that's the heat that I'm bringing where the shade at?
I'm L.A. radio and good music, boy, I don't play that
Ugh, Walking a thin line from thinking like Einstein
And rhyming like Rakim in '89
Don't wanna pack a nine just a mind full of wisdom
Like a man 99 years old locked in prison
Don't freeload on my vision
Get exposed like an R&B ho with a s** tape hidden
I'm always for the business, forever you can feel it
Whether you Crip blue or a n***a that hemorrhage
My penmanship is like me and Langston combined to the hip
And my hip to the hop don't stop as I rock
I got a buzz like a shot of Palmer Sun
And the women fall in love as they fall in my crotch
Now understand that I'm all that you've got
Give me chance, give me ears, give me hearts, give me props
Hear the difference? I'm cool like that
Oh, you spit? Well the retarded drool is back
See, I'm the author of the authors, the father of the Austin Power fajja
Who can bust like a charter, why bother?
I know a jealous serpent is a burden to my life
But still I carry on like luggage on a flight
The realness in my bones is the DNA to life
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I can give you insight only if you're in sight
I'm looking past y'all like a fastball - strike!
And I ain't even tryna give it my all - yikes!
I'm comfortable enough to go and chill out with a Huxtable
You couldn't see my pedestal, because you're afraid of heights
Cloud 9, where you can find
Me in my dime like Roosevelt in his prime
Wait 'til I'm in my prime
The moon and the stars will align on my Louis V. belt like Orion
To whom say he cool: but the irony is I could hold the bottom of an iron with the bottom of my palm
I say so much, so little all action, no talk like a mime throwing up gang signs
It's not all about punchlines, I don't do that
I'm a Jaguar; you're just a new cat, now move back
Kendrick Lamar on the radar for success
Aiming for the top like an AR aimed at your neck
I can never digress, ‘less I get demoted to d**h
Even then I'll be the best still, like a petty theft
I will: conquer my biggest dreams
Once you open the cage, I bet that I'll spread my wings
Nipsy got street cred, Jay Rock got street cred
And all I got is bad credit, big ears and big head
But still they'll feel me, cause we all ate cereal
Humped at momma's friend's daughter while they bump the stereo
Backflips on shopping carts, free lunch at the park
Watched Power Rangers after school; here we go
I'm so Comptonized, I will never compromise
For no fussy a** A&R or TEO
We ain't what you think and you think we're back
But we've been here for decades, and I vouch for that
Open your mouth for that, speak well like a great debater over iChat
Get your other eye cracked
I don't rap, I-Iraq and declare war
I enjoy watching enemies' blood pour
I came up lower middle cla**, not poor
So don't feel sorry for me, I don't need y'all to love me
I need y'all to feel me
And if you feeling froggy to leap, then feel free
My feeling's all aside, my pride is deprived
By the ultimate prize I'mma get when I see your suicide

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