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Kendrick Lamar - The Real Hip Hop (Freestyle) lyrics

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
Did you meet Rock from Cali to Italy?
It'd be like something you've never seen, literally
Soul brother, this rap sh** is like a cult
But I don't give a sh**, I'll wear it like a coat
You know, I'm so hip hop I love it to d**h
From a DJ Scratch to graffiti on yo set
B boys that could spin on they head, you know the best
I had the karaoke machine, recording ca**ettes
Fill up my cup like support for breasts
I reflect back like when n***as used to flow for respect
But its all marketing now, if you ain't got a gimmick
No whats his name, you ain't got a image
Probably won't last a minute
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Then you wonder why these old-heads, wonder whats happening with it
Back in the day, when a album came out, yo you had to get it
Prior to iTunes my room full of LP's
Like a Marvin's pawn shop
All thanks to my mom's pawn shop
Boppin' on it since birth
And I'm all in on hot
More cuts than a club sandwich
Hit it cause all you industry thugs damage
Live from the 310, and we wan't more
Like eeeny miney, serve anybody
Hand me they keys, I'm only trying to unlock my dreams but
Ha ye Ab Soul
Top Dawg E-N-T

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