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Kendrick Lamar - Celebration lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Gimme that beat, fool
This a full time jack, no really this a Sounwave track
So really I ain't gotta steal nothing all I gotta do is k** it when you press record button let the paralyzed feel it
I came back with a full time swag and the critics thought they had me
Nah, I just bought more batteries
Turned up supercharged, a medium away from livin' large
Matter fact, where my n***as at?
Where my b**hes with them pretty weaves?
Enemies bleed on the maxi pad, p**y you f**ed with the wrong one I'm on one I'll make sure your kids breathe ammonia
Good kid, mad city evil in my heart from the blood n***as f**in' with me crip n***as tryna k** me
Malcolm X mind state, if I raise the crime rate, it's a legitimate reason why I put on repeat Kanye's "Touch The Sky"
But I'll be looking pa**ed that I'm tryna touch god
My heart to the heavens, the rebel of the reverend
Ya'll married to the game well I'm bout to crash weddings
I put a lot of pain in the sh** I write
If you goin' through something, this is sh** you recite
This is bigger than life
This is Kendrick Lamar
This is Jimi Hendrix guitar on tall [?] I mean war like that
Yeah, straight like that


[Verse 2:]
In 2010 I'm tryna ball, n***a!
Like shooting jumpshots in the mall, n***a!
That's a quote from Ab-Soul I suppose since you laugh that's the ultimate goal
On behalf of the Top Dawg conglomerate
Shall stay anonymous
Searchin' 7 continents accomplishing big sh**
Big a**, big tits she on me
And just to get to me she'll f** the homies-homie's homies
The life of a cool n***a
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My n***a Tony said "just do you, n***a!"
Sure improve, n***a
And they gon' play you for a fool that's for sure till they know you got the stankiest stew, n***a!
I ain't trippin' I'm just tippin' on fo-fo's back in the city and tippin' on 4 hoes
That boy got a cold cold
He's sick con, slick on
Drop red j**els like a school bar mitzvah
Straight like that


[Verse 3:]
Why ya'll complain about OG's?
I don't look at a legend and say you owe me
Not Snoop not Dre not Ice Cube
I don't care me and quik went to the same school
I look at the mirror and do it myself like a self made n***a
I don't need a maid, n***a
Do I need a cosign from Dre or Jigga?
They can make me much bigger, but do I need em though?
I just made a flow
The type of sh** that make you think you seen Pac ghost "Me Against The World" on you motherf**ers
I got my back against the wall and a .45, dog get smoked, Chris Tucker
Uhh, tryna record my steelo
Even when I'm not there just like TiVo
The hoes tell me that I got a real big ego
And weed move slow right now but E go
You know what I'm talkin' bout?
I look at your Audemars to put ya'll in time out
It's time to unveil the real and your careers bout as frail as Ms. Winehouse
Just salute brother [?] and pull the wine out
Oooh, just like that


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