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Kendrick Lamar - OnDaSpot Freestyle lyrics

Soul brotha, number after one
The brightest out the bunch, compare me to the sun
Skinny as a motherf**a, probably skipped lunch
Hungry with the same appetite as Big Pun
They say I'm too much, I ask how come
There's no one else with opposable thumbs with such a touch
You help a n***a once and he'll probably forget it
You help a n***a twice, you're officially his crutch
I understood this back when I was just a young lad
Couple lies and a couple lines in my notepad
My composition wasn't even competition
Now I'm dropping sh** in the booth more than the pot I piss in
And might I mention
I dive in the pool of violent piranhas
You find another guy with my description
My prerogative is simply to annihilate you simply
I got fired from my job, but I gets busy
And I ain't tryin' to ask for more than I deserve
So understand when I say I need a million today
You blend in like chameleon
But I stand out, like I exited the building
f** yo feelings, I'm just sayin', you ain't nothin' like Ab, n***a
We're night and day like Meek Mills and Mac Miller
I'm sippin' Remy watchin' Martin droolin' over Gina
If I had the opportunity I'd turn her out, like Tina
But not like Ike, I'd take a much different approach
Roll in a river 'til she hit them high notes
No disrespect, I'm just a nut, tryin' to get some cash
You's another n***a in my way, tryin' to get some scratch
I'm tryin' to get to San Tropez, or somewhere close to that
All cause I heard Jay say it in a f**in' rap
Now make that a** clap, I know this ain't that type of song
But I get p**y too, they only like me for conscious songs
Whatever that means, I swear I'm so aware
But I wear shades everyday, my vision gotta be impaired
Plus you would think they found me in Korea somewhere
And I'm just another n***a, like Farrakhan with curly hair

[Kendrick Lamar]
If I told you I k**ed a n***a at sixteen would you believe me
Or see me to be just a angel that's easy to please
Angled a company by a gang of n***as that squeeze
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Once their marks are your tire marks, that's the f**in' mark of the beast
I try so hard to follow God
You know, anointed oil, plant some Bibles in the front yard
Rebuke at the turmoil
My dreams of being like Jordan are spoiled
My temperature high that it boiled, 'til your homicide is good for you
I'm loyal to my feelings, I try to stay righteous and cordial
But these feelings are twenty-twos a producer, new Zoo
These gorillas they let loose at 2:45 on 245 street
Colt 45 and shoot, walkin' outside and slippin' like Kenneth Coles
On a slab of grease, body found in a pothole
Forks, white tees just to cover up his long nose
And that b**h'll hang to my knee like a dress
I confess I'm depressed
I suppose I'm more than likely infest my best in the Lima
Hop out, gun your a** down in front of your mama
I try to follow God like Bishop
But when they see that you b**her, prepare for a ditch of
Dirt, I give you a list of families that hurt, but oh well, f** it, that's life
And that's the color your son chose to put on tonight
So in self-respect, just know I say it's a honor
Hop out, gunnin' us down in front of your mama, uh
Like kindergartners my vision's bothered
By vigilantes that harbor on street corners
Try your hardest to harvest bundles of weed on ya
The starving, the speed on ya
Stampede on ya, impede on your pockets that peed on ya
Dreams of us livin' lavish in fabrics of fine linens
Spinnin', established with women, dinin' and laughin'
But this environment got us violent, ready to crash
Into society, take the driver's seat, hope you're fastened
Your seat belts twice when I rolled them dice, I crap
So many times I could build casinos from scratch
Too many daps you might receive from the things you achieve, relax
That's what my mental say, but my physical's been detached
I'm on some other sh**, like f** the government, I'm higher rankings
Where the mothership? I made the covenant that I was changin'
But my luck has been quite disgusting when reality tainted
Where the f** you been? Left him face down like he was plankin'
In a cold world where old girl and a home boy got a motive
You could b**h, girl your tribulations, that sensation's insultin'
Got a wifey or mistress, n***a which one you indulgin'?
Regardless of who you pick
Know life's a b**h when you ain't focused, n***a

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