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Kendrick Lamar - No Joke lyrics

[Produced by Willie B]

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
Stocks rising, fertilizing neighbourhoods with butter, butter
Black steel, no ma**, no tags--gutta, gutta
Look up in the sky, no stars, helicopters hover
Grab my strap, kiss my mother, bust back duck for cover
Hit the bounty, straight hunter, main line speak ya mind
Where you from? Take ya time, bust a n***a no response
Rest a hater, respirator... no response
Green light, go time
Where yo block? I know mine
So you know, one time, snitch n***a, b**h n***a
Re-up with a seven cuz that's all I can get, n***a
Small time hustler, me I'm just a governor
Of my city f** with me juggle shots through ya jugular
Projects hold me down, A1 customers
A1 army guns, A1 predators
Pigs yellin' man down, got the law scared of us
n***a we ain't scared of nothing, break it down, show me something

[Hook: Jay Rock & Ab-Soul]
I don't wanna have to hit you with this fo' mayne
Burn ya whole block down like propane
Over that c**aine, tryna get mo' change
If you ain't know, now you know mayne!
Slang game green rain, sleet, hail, snow
Finna take another trip to the liquor store
The fiends wanna smoke and you can get smoked cuz
These streets ain't no motherf**ing joke

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
Back on my bullsh**, back on the blocks riffin'
Get it off re-up flippin', gettin' off his car flippin'
Model b**h think I'm trickin'
Oh no, no go
W-oh no
30 bucks, mo' mo'
What the f** you thought this was?
All I know is doin' me
Flyin' spur doin' 3
Gutter lane, blowin' tree
Homie what you smokin' on?
I can get it dirt cheap, I can get it for the low
Hard rock or pure blow
I can show you how to whip it
Birdies given off a show
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Servin' quail in the kitchen
Remedy for meal tickets
Dope game, real wicked
Some deals go sour
Real n***as locked up
Snitched on by known cowards
OG told me that's life
Murders keep me stressed at night
My daughter keep me level-headed, reason why I sacrifice
Story of a real n***a
This is how I feel, n***a
Come between my piece of mind, get yo a** k**ed n***a!

[Hook: Jay Rock & Ab-Soul]

[Verse 3: Jay Rock]
My momma told me tread softly, gotta keep them feds off me
Gotta keep the guards on me, I know them mothaf**as want me
Know I gotta hold it down
Know I gotta run my town
Know tomorrows never promised
Know I gotta get it now
Know I got a job to finish
Know I need stock to grow
Know I need Lord's forgiveness
Know I've been through obstacles
Know I gotta sh** on n***as
Know I gotta do my thang
Knowin' that I'm knee deep
Know the drama that it brings
Know I can't trust these hoes
Know I can't chase these b**hes
Know I gotta chase this bread
Know I gotta push these Benzes
Know I gotta push these trucks
Know I gotta paint these pictures
Know I gotta give it up
Know you better mind your business
Know I gotta stay silent
Know I can't fall for nothing
Know I know hard times
Know I gotta stay humble
Know I gotta keep it gangsta
Know you gotta come and get me
Know I gotta keep it pushin'
Know you can't f** with me

[Hook: Jay Rock & Ab-Soul]

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