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Kendrick Lamar - My single djeviopromixkendrick lamar remix lyrics

#crazy-kendrick (remix)-ft DJERVIOPROIX

Ya ma n***as you na wea i come from...

I did it with MY hood
I did it ma STRENGTH
I did it with love
I realize that ma n***as are nt honest AT ALL
They look at me crazy
Every thing i do they say am cray
Man***az are nt honest all
Every thing i do
Whemn i do a remix with kendrick they say am crazy
When i try to rap up they say am crazy

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Verse 1 kendrick's verse

Look inside of my soul and you can find gold and maybe get rich
Look inside of your soul and you can find out it never exist
I can feel the changes, I can feel a new life
I always knew life can be dangerous
I can say that I like a challenge and you tell me it's painless
You don't know what pain is
How can I paint this picture when the color blind is hanging with you
Fell on my face and awoke with a scar
Another mistake living deep in my heart
Wear it on top of my sleeve in a flick
I can admit that it did look like yours
Why you resent every making of this
Tell me your purpose is petty again
But even a small lighter can burn a bridge
Even a small lighter can burn a bridge
Http:// coming............crazyhonesst

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