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Kendrick Lamar - Ignorance Is Bliss Freestyle lyrics

Kendrick Lamar: Cause ignorance is bliss
Sigidy: It's nearly sad as toddler as he wonders home
He shooting baskets he wondering if his father's home
But realizing his father's shot in the collar bone, they snapped it like a toddler bone and now he's in a foster home
His anger turns to loneliness until he's mad again
Scout looking through the scraps for a weapon to shoot it back at them
Visions of sadness he pointing it and imagining bullets travel like javelins and stabbed em in the abdomen
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He went from this pa**ive child to a ma**ive style black a wild child on the block smoking black and milds
Living in sadness is madness if you can crack a smile
A once proud and happy child is just sadden now
The kid grows up chillin' playing madden now
Bout to have a child of his own and this n***as rappin' now
Rappin and packing the strap instead of em backin' down, clappin' down clowns round town for the cabbage now
Smack the a** on the spouse hittin the black and mild

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