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Kendrick Lamar - I Do It For Hip Hop lyrics

[Verse 1:Jay Rock]
Full time grinder
Watts City/Wise city rhymer
The ghetto Moses tryna get my homies outta bondage
Need some time to think so I'm rolling up the ganja
Sneaking out my pores, know I'm blowing on the bombest
Bars looking nice, my rap smoke polish
A God on the mic, wack rappers pay homage
Leader of the new school
Everytime I bust a rhyme, incredible lines
When I talk, make em' press rewind
I do it for Hip-Hop, f** what you heard
Do it for my n***a's who voices will never be heard
Listen, blessed with talent, voice of the young people
Went from a zero, now my city label me as a hero
Nine, double-O, five, nine, that's where the chopper sing
Sound so melodic, the problems, that's what the drama brings
Dog I'm gutted as ever strivin' for finer things
One-O-Five Eastbound, swervin' in and out of lanes
This game filled with a lot of lames
On the real my n***a, this sh** gotta change
From Cali to Queens, Top Dawg guarantee
We the new regime

[Hook: Ludacris]
I don't do it for them cars and the fancy drops
I do it for hip-hop
I do it for hip-hop
I do it for hip-hop
And I don't it for the chains and the flashin rocks
I do it for hip-hop
I do it for hip-hop
I do it for hip-hop

[Verse 2:Ab-Soul]
Like, 4 years ago
I was writing rhymes in my Chevy Celebrity
Spittin' the hardness, says Doc Elery
It's prophecy I shine, ask cashanova
Burnin' up my notepad tryna ash my doja
For the game you decayed I sow it up
You must say yes too much
Cause you don't know enough
To match my caliber, I'm a whole new breed
Ya stamina's shot, I'm movin' like the old .23
For Hiphop I breath...
Have a seat, I'm a beast
And I'm ready for war with no peace
Seems that they forgot to rap, you had to think
They just wanna be ballers when you see em' on the screen
Who am I to say the gra** ain't green
Who am I to say the next generation don't share the same vision as we
I will say this, it's less likely
Than me having clean piss
Rest in peace

Omar Jones
Your spirits in my lyrics when I flow
Became the number one prospect
All because I keep it true, I don't do it for the coupe
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[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar]

Draped in stone like I gazed at Medusa
Download my audio and blow up your computers
Spit that conglomerate sh**, the sh** that you aren't used to
sh** so strong the unborn can smell it in the future
They'll [?]
A Mom and Pop store sold out
And the fan k**ed the clerk over my music
Is that real?
Realer than me at 16, writing sixteens, battled and dismantled six teens
All for the love of hip-hop, I would still rap
Even if Rodman came back and my diss flopped
Thats an analogy built with substance
f** an award, my metaphors for the public
You forging your signature on [?] the great great K.Dot
I gotta catapult you, bye bye
I wake up in the morning then compose a bar
Flow reckless like the first time you driven a car
Perfected, from years of dedication
Wrote my first 50 songs and then I graduated
With my bachelor's
And if you hearing this verse, I probably got my masters
And by the end of this verse I'm your favorite rapper


[Verse 4: ScHoolboy Q]

Coming from where the diplomas don't matter
Backpacks still carry the work
Big burner under the shirt
sh** I just wanted her purse
k** a b**h and hit the studio to murder a verse
I'm just getting it in
Reminiscing about the time when I was stressing to rhyme
Started getting better, sh** I'm destined to shine
Clip load up
f** it back to the crime
Profession of pro skaters couldn't f** with my grind
Still stuck with a nine
Shooting like MJ in his prime
You motherf**ers know what it is
Straight splatter your wig
Let your mother know its personal
And murder your kids
Little nieces buried in anchovies
Rap Lebron, Kobe
Hip-hop, sh**, no matter what I'm talking
Cough on the beat and its abortion
Murder motherf**ers, straight extortion
Live on the beat
Who wanna compete?
Down in Miami spitting heat, straight tragic
Move to Orlando working magic
Cocaine balls out the cabinet
Uncut, raw, whole ransom
Anybody can get it, I'm fully committed to Hip-Hop

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