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Kendrick Lamar - Bring The Pain Freestyle (On Cosmic Kev Show) lyrics

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Swallow your pride and then eat a dick
Make the rulers apologize, you ain't ruling sh**
I'm Rick Rubin in '85 with the beard thick
Thick b**h type peruvian slanted eyes that squinch
I tell you that I'm one up
Sun down, or sun up
Son, I son n***as
I probably f**ed your mama
With no condom
That's good p**y, p**y
Tell it to your honor
This trauma is Jeffery Dahmer
It took me too many moons to f** up this new platoon
Get ambushed or kick pushed with push brooms
Man look, your man look like sweet water
Cornbread that break under pressure when he's caught up
They call me said I gotta crawl before I walk
And if I ran my mouth then my legs would get cut off
I'm just a young boss in the batcave
Back against the wall
I came back with them back pains

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
Tell 'em put my name on a gym ball
Like I'm Derrick Rose
Ho, know my gym
And players not allowed
I'm spiking your game towel
And spiking your Gatorade with gasoline I'm foul
I'm in the crowd like Artest and them
I move the crowd like Artest and them
Punchlines mean I really go and punch civilians
Crunch time mean I take it to the hole
Not a basket, but rather this good p**y that I'm in
I a**a**in you n***as
I make your weight shape thin
Blank tapes in your deck
You can still break they necks
They hear it, you need clearance from the label just to spin
I need to clear it with the bank just to spend
Club appearance go for twenty-five racks
When you getting it like that, sh**, it gotta be a sin
So Lord forgive me yes I'm a sinner
But these hoes is with me cause I'm a winner
Back when we ate canned food for dinner
I coached fools to protools to make my agenda
I'm tofu, Im nasty like tofu
I wish a motherf**er would
Get your whole career injured
n***a, that's a**ault with a deadly weapon
I k**ed your favorite rapper
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Favorite rapper last record
I f**ed your favorite actress on the matress
What a blessing
Make that p**y ante up
She call my dick antidepressant
I'm really not impressed with
None of you n***as stressing
That some of you n***as blessed with
The gift to carry the presence
Picking popping
I'm popping big sh** with label investments
Fifteen minutes go for fifty seconds
Last night, I spent twelve hours inside a session
Came up with sh**, writer's block
n***as up in this dressing like
"Who the f** cares? Who the f** cares?"
Even when you Slumdog, you'll still be a millionaire
n***a playing Santa Claus will make sure you hold deer
Have him first put that b**h in a hearse while Rock steer
Church to you pussies
You push me, get pap smeered
Burst out your cookie
I read it, my fortune is here

[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar]
Look, this be that sh** that make real n***as grab they dicks
And b**hes rubbing on they tits
Until they fingers monkey wrenched
Monkey see what monkey do
You monkeys never make no sense
Jump up a tree, sh** on you
sh**ting bricks that can build a castle
No hastle when breaking your picket fence
Know pterodactyls that still exist
And clap you if you resist
Cooperate, go home and seen they daughters copulate
And you at risk
You wear a bracelet, we want your wrist
You can taste it from planet Pluto
Doggone it, you panic just like a poodle
Rip out your culo, then kudos
Two Door regal, El Caminos, and two more
Cause I [???]
Wipe it off on my shoe, ho
Before you [???] your Menthol
Meant to get smoked then sent off
To Jamaica
No trace of a Laker with Toni Kukoc
Means ain't no hood
Hopping California JACO
Watching Snoop's latest prince get down
b**h, start popping fireworks
K. Dot

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