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Kendrick Lamar - 2DopeBoyz Freestyle lyrics

[Hook: Kendrick Lamar]
Too hot to handle, Too dope to hold
2DopeBoyz we roll deep everybody gather
Your seats, we going to Cloud 9 and we
Coming back in a week, and the weak good
Riddance, only the strong permitted to ride
Or test drive with Kendrick the Jedi, one of a
Kind like great antiques museums buy
Haters I tell em hi, enemies I don't tell em shit
But booya click booya click, click

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Ooh, ya'll done stumbled on a fortune
The rebirth of hip hop since they got abortions
And I rock like Mt. Rushmore, grab your thesaurus
So you can find a synonym of a nigga that been gem
Diamond in the rough
Sheriffs wanna see me cuffed like the links of a button up
Book em down! Fuck is up?
Mind of a Vietnam Vet when a nigga rhyme
A nigga shine, like I'm seeing signs in a different light
I'm on my grind, see it right? Real starving artist
Finna blow like a Mario Game cartridge, standing on my own two
Me and Dave like Big and Puff before shiny suits
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Welcome to the Compton Zoo, lying with a lion on Rosecrans Avenue
A tiger on Central
Arms so soar beating up these instrumentals Sounwave give me
More, after that find a morgue with a mortice, because we..

[Hook: Kendrick Lamar]

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
Ooh, and I'm back up on my bullshit, shooting to the top with a hollow
Tip full clip
Analogy is like a pit bull on the pulpit, I drool I don't really
Spit, mad dog in this bitch, foaming at the mouth, is you a man or a mouse?
Sipping Mickey's, while you looking like Mickey trapping it out
That's not a diss, that's really a dope line, and in order to see my vision you
Probably would go blind
I'm chilling with a blonde, she dumb as fuck, but she can suck a bowling ball
Through a straw, that make you tell your mom
I'm just a little nigga trying to make my city proud, I used to watch Doug and wear
My cousins hand-me-downs
Now I'm grown up, unemployed, sipping Henny, pissing throuh a cup, and still get
The job done, 2DopeBoyz I said what up, tell your listeners to have some frost
Bitten gloves cause

[Hook: Kendrick Lamar]

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