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Kendrick Lamar - 2012 BET CYPHERS lyrics

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
I'm decent but I'm despicable, spittin' the inexplicable
Pickin' stems out the piccolo, tickle your brain ventricles
They finally let the nerd with the swag in
I was playin' the background like an adlib
But now I'm greedy like a fat kid
Old lady don't blow my high
Cause my pants hang low and you can't see my eyes
I get faded like Smokey but I'm crazy with the motif
Eatin' rappers, I need mo' teeth, you think I'm obese
Movin' with the movement, you don't need no lease
So fly, I don't need no feet, how I run it?
Keefin' up, when I'm coolin' with my young'ns
You know I keep it 3hunna
Can't take it lower, I used to loiter, these days I need a lawyer
Call your employer, tell him Soulo on the market
I love Indo but Do-Dawg love endorsements
I was never into Porches or Polo Horses
More like Nibiru's orbit, ascension in Pyramid coffins
It's safe to say I'm thinkin' in a major way
I reckon you take your exit and make your way out
Its my time, not Morris Day's now
The more the days go by, the more I'm reminded that I'm a Titan
If there was ever, whats pressure to a diamond?
I'm the Haile Selassie of rhyming

[Verse 2: Talib Kweli]
You spit dummy, I get money like Clark Howard
BET, lemme show you black star power
It's funny they want me to spit
When really they never play me though
On the real, the alternative is what you hear on the radio
Fashion designer rappers
Wanna climb back inside of their Mama's vaginas
When passionate rhymers become reminders, son
You stay sleepin' on me, you soft the Satin pajamas, son
My hood is like the jungle with lions packin' the llama's
From Vandavere's to Gowanus, I'm so notorious
Fightin' my way back to Brooklyn like we the warriors
Right in your face, ain't no life line for you to call on
You simple like a pimple, you sort of an oxymoron
I'm graceful as Jordan with the fade-away
Write a passage as painful as circumcision with a razor blade
I stay open cause I'm better with words
I'm Frank Ocean at a Chik-Fil-A, I'll never get served

[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar]
If I said I'd be doing this at 16, would you believe me?
Or see me to be just the innocent Kendrick, you seen in the street
With a basketball and some Now and Laters to eat
I'm mashing all of my skeletons, would you jump in a seat
Would you say my intelligence now is great relief?
And it's safe to say that our next generation maybe can sleep
With dreams of being a lawyer, a doctor
Instead of a boy with a chopper that hold the culdesac hostage
And do 'em all if they gossip
Children on the corn', stay vandalizing the option
Of living a lie, driving their bodies with toxics
Constantly drinking and drive
Hit the powder then watch the flames that arrive in his eyes
Listen coward the concept is aim it, then bang it, then slide
Out the bitch the deposit
The prize on his head that tithes probably'll go to the projects
I live inside the belly of the critics
And Snoop passed us the torch, I'm-ma burn you rappers with it
What's up?

[Verse 4: Childish Gambino]
Still good with a pen, no Joe Paterno
I count Ninja Turtles, my cash flow concern them
Gambino you meet him, repping east side of the A hard
Got the Black AMEX, I gotta pull the race card
Niggas move that Kreayshawn, naw I don't carry mine
Why the game fucked up like my hairline
Ay girl, you ever smoke a bowl out with Kid Cudi?
You ever gotten D like you don't study?
Rap game in the fast lane, with a gas tank
Filled with half of these trash lames
I have to say I'm such a Joey's last name
Bino boy, why you spit so mean
Why the flow so rich girl, them sweet sixteens
He on BET and he got White people problems
"Like, Whole Foods doesn't have the juice I like so I have to go to, you know
Trader Joe's and have it shipped to me"
Victory, history
More G than a kid's movie, Royalty

[Verse 5: A$AP Rocky]
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My name is Rock in the new drop, my destiny's to be the new Pac
That nigga Rocky gotta die, he too hot
It's dead on, must've been tripping and stepping in heron'
Cause I'm crippin the lead on
I'm getting forensics twisting your head on
Traffic, mad clips, caskets, pass this, ashes to ashes
That shit, backwards, tactics
Bitches only like me for my status
Living ghetto fabulous and I'm still actin ratchet
Twenty-four karats, no dressing with my salads
Nigga with the Patch kids, steady talkin cabbage
Got a chick red like radish, have it
Bitches think they bad til I drop them like habits
No one in this cyph' has swag like I do
Church with this verse, I'mma hit em with the gospel
Ever since a baby, ask my old lady
My first four words was, fuck you, pay me

[Verse 6: Hopsin]
Grab your Slurpee and popcorn, I'm bout to make it hot for 'em
They didn't even invite me to this shit, man I just walked on
If I didn't come, then every bit of hope for rap is all gone
I'm ill, in the past you thought I wasn't, but you thought wrong
"Hop I lost respect for you, I'm pissed and you just lost a fan
All you do is diss, I'll never bump your album "Raw" again"
If what I say gets on your last nerve, then holla man
But truth is, y'all can't touch me like Pac's hologram
Don't dare to try it if you scared of dyin'
I'm terrifyin', the real Boogie Man, who even got your parents hidin'
When you're sleeping, I'll find your window, and just stare inside it
I'm a animal, momma raised me inside a lair with lions
Prepare for violence, Funk Volume's an unfair alliance
We embarrass giants, and rip mic's till we get laryngitis
My wave's sitting like a sandstorm, and I know what you mad for
Cause I'm living my dream, and yours

[Verse 7: Schoolboy Q]
Dropped out of school and became richer
Retired from the pliers, kept balling like I'm a clipper
Black hoodies, black bitches and black Benzes
She know these chains fit, so now she want my forensics
Got love for my city, shout out to Kendrick
October 22nd, the album, so go and get it
Look, turn a good kid to wig city, I serve plenty
Shoot til the chamber and clip empty, that's real crippy
Have a shirt, and my knuckles smothered with hate powder
Die and go to hell, and have the devil getting higher
How ironic that we smoking fire, gangsta rap Messiah
Mid-20's but 20 racks an hour
Bucket hats and designer beans, the Bosselini
Young slimmy, your chance see me?, your chance skinny
(?) placed rappers get paid pennies
A million off of tour this year because of all this talk about Romney
Iffy, Puffy

[Verse 8: Mac Miller]
My flow is captivating, Magic Chick is watching this and masturbating
Basket cases, spitting in yo picnic, better pack a lunch
Chop 'em down, bag 'em up, Bill Murray, Daffy Duck
Yeah my squad the illest, y'all a little fishy, halibut
Chickens acting ratchet get split open with this hatchet
We the kids that causing racket with that automatic riot shit
Irises is violent, air balloon, we high as heck
Play the violin, fucking models wearing Iverson's
This my moment, don't blow it like my old chick
You the type to still tuck your shirt behind your phone clip
Whoa, and I think I might need a lawyer
Hov bout to have me killed for trying to talk to Rita Ora
I'm sorry that's just extra there
I'm going crazy like Clint Eastwood iat the empty chair
Keep your eyes peeled, running through a mine field
Even Lord Finesse will tell you I'm ill

[Verse 9: Mystikal]
Mystikal flex your style on em, transform and get wild on em
Growl at em, "Rah"
Trukfit nigga you a monster, you out the attic
Yeah scare a nigga, "Rah"
I sit your stupid ass down wherever on the side
Let a real nigga back in this bitch, get it live
Off of that performance, y'all might consider a different job
That ain't gon' cut it partna, at least you tried
How many niggas can't spell live cause they tired?
Some of them think that they the shit but they not
Move to the Shakers, make it happen when they pound
Hustles out to get it bustin', layin' on they side
Big Truck, Cash Money rapping Baboon
Ya auntie and ya momma know bout that (?) fool
Your grandpa and your grandma heard that (?) rule
White boys and white girls gon' buy shit from that fuckin dude

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