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Kamikaze Pirates - Aerial Motion lyrics

(verse 1)
never alone -in your selfish earth
the low life you look down -on like ashes of the hearth
when we see you steal -the esteem from them
only your prec-ious life is like a gem
I don't know but you've been warned
the people you hara** wish they were never born
whispering and laughing behind your back
respect for other people, every one lacks

Arial motion your mind is spinning
too fast for your thoughts to process
and you don't know where you've been
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the past few hours wrapped up in yourself
grabbing life from the shelf

(verse 2)
the anger builds up -to the top of their minds
when around other peo-ple they try to be kind
holding it -in and never letting it out
you never learned the -meaning of what life was about
excluded they are from all the other kids
you never found out what harmful things they did
wanting so bad to be liked and loved
when they try to be nice they get trampled and shoved

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