Love Don't Cost a Thing (Neptunes Remix)

Love Don't Cost a Thing (Neptunes Remix) lyrics


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[Chorus: Jennifer Lopez] Think you gotta keep me iced, you don't Think I'm gonna spend your cash, I won't Even if you were broke My love don't cost a thing Think I wanna drive your Benz, I don't If I wanna floss, I got my own Even if you were broke My love don't cost a thing [Intro: Ghostface k**ah *during Chorus*] Ghostface, dollar, dollars [Jennifer Lopez] When you rolled up in the Escalade Saw that dub you gave to the valet Knew that it was game when you looked at me Pulling up your sleeve so I could see the Rollie bling Saw you later in the corner booth Raising up a toast so I would notice you But you're hard to miss, think you ought to know Doesn't really matter if you're balling out of control [Chorus 2: Jennifer Lopez] All that matters is That you treat me right Give me all the things I need That money can't buy yeah [Chorus] [Ghostface k**ah] Eh-yo ma' you always kept it real You been had a Benz way before I got this deal I know its not about the money, the ropes or the missed stones The leather, platinum rings and summer b-tones They say we fled from the cameras, boo Plus they found a hammer and ordered to trap me off They must question you, say Jenny, shh, look me dead in my eyes You tellin me that I don't love you boo, that wouldn't be wise We whine in the best cuisines, Italian restaurants Big lobster dishes wit Trump, this how come I feel for you Sweetheart I'll k** for you Shockin secrets revealed and my will goes to you So stop all the yellin, Jennifer calm down We need cla**ed, guidance counsellors to calm us down A grown man and stand as a man of my word You see here? Look at her, all these b**hes is birds [Chorus 2 - 2X] [Break: Ghostface k**ah] Eh-yo ma', you know you the realest It's real right now, ya heard? It's like they ain't got nothin to k** right now It's like e'rything gon' be a'ight You watch and see [Jennifer Lopez (Ghostface k**ah)] You think the money that you make Can substitute the time you take To get the keys into my heart Think you can win my heart Don't know what's in my heart (I got it ma') I think you need to take some time (Indeed) To show me that your love is true (It is) There's more than dollar signs in you Then you can win my heart, and get what's in my heart (I got it ma', I got it ma') [Chorus - 2X]

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