Jennifer Lopez - Play(Sack international remix) lyrics

Play(Sack international remix) lyrics


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[Verse 1] Could wait all night and day To go to a party Sit down and wait Give my request to the DJ Because my song he's got to play And when I hear that beat I get my body up out my seat Grab a guy and move my feet He's playing my song [Chorus] Play, come on Play that song Play it all night long Just turn it up and turn me on Play, come one DJ Play that song You that it turns me on Just turn it up and turn me on [Verse 2] I don't care if everybody gone Turn it up Because it turns me on Keep dancing all night long It feels so good that it can't be wrong I get the chills up and down my spine Whenever I hear that song of mine When it stops better press rewind Let me hear it One more time [Chorus]

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