Jennifer Lopez - I'm Real (Nate Dogg Mix) lyrics

I'm Real (Nate Dogg Mix) lyrics


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[J. Lo (Nate)] Now only God can hold me (You make me go "baby") [Jennifer] I've seen so many men and it's like they're all the same My appetite for loving is now my hungers pain And when I'm feeling s**y who's gonna comfort me My only problem is their insecurities [Nate Dogg] Tell me who is that girl, standing cross the way She like what I got, got, got, watch her become my slave Baby girl it's me, yeah that crazy n***a Nate I won't 'lax so don't talk back let's be on our way (Chorus) [Nate Dogg] You make me go "baby, baby," cause you're a s**y girl You make me go "baby, baby," cause you're a s**y girl You make me... [Jennifer] Now people loving me, and hating me, treating me ungratefully But not knowing that they ain't making or breaking me My life I live is to the limit and I love it Now I can breathe again, baby, now I can breathe again (Chorus) x2 (Bridge - till fade) [Nate Dogg] You make me, eww You make me go [Nate Dogg] Watch out 'fore I ball I'm looking for a girl who's got it all Ain't flashing no bills Just testing my sk**s I'm looking for a s**y girl to take and peel (Chorus- till fade)

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