Jennifer Lopez - I'm Real (Bad Boy Mix) lyrics

I'm Real (Bad Boy Mix) lyrics


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[P. Diddy] Yeah [J. Lo] Called you on the phone, said, "I'm comin through Hope you're all alone, cause I got plans for you We could stay at home, or dance and hang all night As long as I'm with you, doesn't matter what we do" (Bridge) [J. Lo] Don't ask me where I've been Or what I'm gonna do, just know that I'm here with you Don't try to understand Baby, there's no mystery, cause you know how I am (Chorus) [Jennifer (P. Diddy)] I'm real - what you get is what you what you see What you tryin to do to me You wanna say you're mine Be with me all the time You're fallin so in love Say you just can enough You're tellin all your friends (She's a bad, bad b**h) [P. Diddy] All my n***as take a walk wit me (what) You ain't gotta holla you could talk wit me Try to learn where my thought could be And how I stack figgas (uh-huh) Learn why I'm real, still that n***a (still that n***a) I get money I don't got to do crime (what) sh** I hit dimes what I need wit a nine Before y'all jump me be clear (what) We got nuttin but heat here, beware, we here What's my name? (what) Got chicks twisted like what's my game Pimp game still the same I smash sh** I don't hara** it (what) Ma, I'm a balla I score and pa** it Feel me still be filthy If making hits is a crime, I plead guilty (what) And this is what we came to do (what) Party, Diddy, Usher, game is through [Jennifer] You like the way I dress, the way I wear my hair Show me off to all your friends and, baby I don't care Just as long as you tell them who I am Tell them I'm the one that made you give a damn (Bridge) (Chorus) x2 [Usher] You tell her "you look hot don't you worry at all" ?As long as we be shook? then get ready She's telling you she might change, and you telling her not to Shorty she looks stunning, really fine Coming before the game that means I got you Need not take to running cause I'm the one (Chorus) (Bridge) (Chorus - Till Fade)

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