Jennifer Lopez - Acting Like That lyrics

Check my angle, daddy, you could call me angel, daddy
Uh, but you gon' turn your beauty right into a beast
Now, this is the business of pleasure let's keep 'em separate
I ain't tryna be second, just for the record
See you slippin' you trippin' just thought I should let you know
I admire your effort but I need better love
See many men try to play me 'til they get scared away
Told 'em that's a fall, try another day
This is different, now I'm seeing that it isn't

Promise I'm not gon' cry here like Mary Jane
Now ain't that funny, that you was something special 'til
I noticed that you just like these losers who come in several
But I, know that if you leave you comin' right back
So my question boy is, why you acting like that?



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