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Led by singer/guitarist David Larsson, In Aeternum is among the many underground d**h metal/black metal bands that came out of Sweden in the early '90s. In Aeternum fits the stereotypical d**h metal image -- its songs are fast, amelodic, and blistering, and its lyrics often focus on the occult and Satanism. The trio was formed during the Summer of 1992, and it wasn't long before Larsson's band was circulating copies of its rehearsal demos Domini Inferi and The Ancient Kingdom. But not until 1998's Forever Blasphemy did In Aeternum actually record an album for commercial release. That year, the band became an opening act on Immortal's opening tour, and in 2000, its second album, The Pestilent Plague, was released on Necropolis. Past and Present Sins appeared in summer 2001. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

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