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Hughes Turner Project - Ride The Storm lyrics


(September 11th, the Twin Towers came down, and I thought: it happened. So when I was going to write a song with Glenn for the HTP, I said we must write at least one song for this problem. We are looking for world peace but until we can find peace: we must ride the storm!)

A world of trouble, betrayal and deceit
Hiding in the shadows, there's terror in the streets
It came without warning, no one heard the call
Dark clouds are falling, the black rain will fall

Ride, ride the storm
Ride, ride the storm

The distant fire, burning on the shore
Oh the cities crumble, I hear the gods of war

Screaming for vengeance, there's no hope in sight
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Lighting and thunder, striking the night

Ride, ride the storm
Ride, ride the storm

I know, burn in the conscience of every man
You don't have to push me, cuz I'll make a stand
Won't you let me breathe?
Let me breathe
When I go, I give back the freedom to every child

Give me the wisdom, the sadness, the sorrow
But leave me tomorrow
I feel the sunshine on me

Ride, ride the storm
Ride, ride the storm

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