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Hot Action Cop's fiery frontman Rob Werthner once dated a girl who dumped him for an NYPD officer. This guy had a cla**ic mullet, so Werthner took solace and poked some fun, nicknaming the guy "hot action cop." Ten years later, Werthner's inside joke was part of a living dream. He had a band -- a heavy, punk-inspired group -- and they joined the ranks of Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and the like during the new millennium's divvying spiral of rock. Tim Flaherty (guitar), Luis Espaillat (ba**), and Kory Knipp (drums) joined Werthner once he left Manhattan for the smaller hustle and bustle of Nashville in the mid-'90s. Hot Action Cop spent the next few years hammering out a funky, yet aggressive style. In August 2002, Hot Action Cop began recording material for a debut album. The end result was a hedonistic, playful self-titled release, which appeared on Lava in March 2003. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, All Music Guide

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