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Gore Priest - Destroying The Undeserved lyrics

After you spent an eternity in these sacred lands understimating the value of the treasures you had in your hands,
The final judgement has decided that mankind does not deserve this earth.
Therefore, we will destroy it

Betrayers of mother earth,
Our mercy has vanished and the one made of souls is so disappointed of His creation,
Which he thought it was mighty, and now discovers That mankind does not deserve the gift of life

With blood you will pay your betrayal

Behold the destruction
No hope for redemption
Your life here has finished
There is no salvation
Almighty armageddon
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Destroy the undeserved
For humans are worthless
With blood let them pay their betrayal

Pitiful beings, we gave you this sacred land and you've turned it into a world of blasphemy.
Thou shalt be punished for the eternity

Don't you beg for mercy
Where you'll never find it
For the oportunities are gone
I'm the one you worship
I'm your only god
I'm the one who will make you burn

Destroying the undeserved

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