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Glenn Tipton is renowned as one-half of the legendary metal band Judas Priest's groundbreaking twin-guitar attack. Born in Birmingham, England, on October 25, 1948, Tipton played in several local bands before forming the Flying Hat Band, a heavy, Hawkwind-influenced prog rock unit, in 1972. He departed the following year to join Judas Priest, which became one of the most popular and influential heavy metal bands of all time; late-'70s albums like Stained Cla** and Hell Bent for Leather virtually defined the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, while early-'80s records like British Steel and Screaming for Vengeance brought them international commercial success and stardom as well. Tipton's partnership with K.K. Downing made for one of the most telepathic guitar teams in hard rock; the two were capable of keeping a groove in perfect synchronization, or trading off virtuosic solo licks. Lead singer Rob Halford departed in 1991, leaving Priest's future in serious doubt, and in 1995 Tipton began work on his first solo album, taking on his first lead vocals since his Flying Hat Band days. He recorded sporadically over the next two and a half years with a variety of musicians, including ba**ists Billy Sheehan and John Entwistle, and drummers Cozy Powell and Shannon Larkin, among many others. The results were finally released in 1997 on Atlantic Records as Baptizm of Fire. With new lead singer Ripper Owens in place, however, Judas Priest became a viable concern again, and Tipton subsequently returned to the fold. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

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